Worldshifters Empowerment Group

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Worldshifters Spiritual Empowerment Group

is dedicated to empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills to live their best lives ever. Discover who you are, your purpose and your passion, as we attempt to equip you with the tools needed to shift your world from where you are to where you want it to be. If you can dream it, you can live it. Let the Shift begin!!!

Bi-Weekly Monday Meetings @ 7:00 pm beginning Oct 2017 at the IDC Center, 2717 Western Bypass, Ste 107, Durham, NC 27705




The 12 Principles of Worldshifters

We will continue exploring the following 12 Principles, which are designed to take you from where you are, to where you want to be. Let the transformation begin.
1.      Living Authentically
2.      Living on Purpose
3.      Living in the Law of Intention
4.      The Power of a Vision
5.      The Power of Prayer and Meditation
6.      The Power of Words
7.      Living by Faith
8.      Living in Gratitude
9.      Walking in Spiritual Authority
10.  Living in Community
11.  Walking in Kingdom Principles
12.  The Power to be a Worldshifter


The 2012/2013 Worldshifters

Transformations took place and individuals experienced a shift in their lives!! The Journey continues… join us for our new study which begins February 25, 2013!! We are looking forward to continuing to GROW with new and returning  Worldshifters joining us.


As we began to thinking about preparing for our upcoming study, the question was asked “What does freedom look for you?” These are some of the responses. We ask that you also take the time and respond. Feel free to post a comment to this question.

  • Self-Expression
  • Being who GOD created
  • Self-Expression and Liberation
  • Being unencumbered
  • A sense of self acceptance and being courageous enough to live…
  • Freedom to slow down-dare to be a failure in my own mind and not be a spectator in life but getting in the game to play…even if I do fall the failure does not define me…
  • Living in true Spiritual abundance-no longer denying my spiritual gifts and living in the abundance of my gifts..