Ties and Tiaras


This is new and exciting monthly event that Infinity Diamond Club will be hosting in the community. It will features various events and activities that celebrate the feminine and masculine energy that women embody.

Ties: Infinity Diamond Club is creating a space for masculine energy women to come together and have set aside time for fellowship, discussion and empowerment. There will be activities developed around bringing these women together to share and learn from each other.

They will have the opportunity to talk openly and freely in a “no judgement” zone with others to discuss experiences, thoughts, issues, and lessons that have and continue to help them move through the world authentically. All are welcome to come out to TNO aka Ties Night Out.

Tiaras: This powerful group of dynamic sisters will meet to discuss various issues facing us as women in our personal, business, and lives. This will be a time for us to come together and support each others GROWTH. Our time will be spent in talking, sharing, and pampering our hearts, minds and souls.

Get ready the Ties & Tiaras are making a bold declaration!!


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Ties & Tiaras program will be presenting a host of events this summer and fall for you to enjoy. These events are intended to bring community together and to create dialogue, fellowship, opportunities to meet new people and connect with friends. Each event will also feature an outreach component where we will be collecting items to help organizations in the community to serve the elderly, homeless, youth, single mothers and the disabled. This aligns with out mission to always create safe and empowering atmospheres where we can continue to GROW forward while coming together to be of service to others in our comm

Come enjoy and create a night of Poetry. Our featured poets will be Victoria Samayoa and Dell Bell-Phillips. We also will be collecting Women’s Panties in (ALL Sizes) & new or gently used Purses for Homeless Women. The donations from this “party with a purpose” will benefit UFirst Inc in Atlanta, GA.

Tickets are $15 pp and refreshments will be provided.