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Peace and light Priscilla, Annie, and Board of IDC…

Prayer and mediation lately has caused me to look at my behavior in the past year. In particular around gratitude. As I processed some things in my life and think back on when things felt similar to my life now, I am reminded of the first time I ever came to IDC. As you know I was 26 and dealing with some serious issues of depression. As I push through this current season of my life, and deal with mistakes I have made recently and some time ago, I regret not ever really thanking you all for your energy and light, and for saving my life in more ways than one.

I feel like IDC taught me how to believe in myself and particularly in my ability to heal. I have searched for ways to find confidence at times I think I might have over done it (become arrogant and self righteous). I woke up a couple of days ago with IDC and you Priscilla, on my mind and wishing that I would have been more intentional about building community with you all. No excuse for not expressing and exercising gratitude for your love, for your out reach to me, for taking a chance on me last year as a presenter, and just for being an amazing example of living out the vision.

I know it is not always easy as I struggle to live out and work out my own vision and deal with disappointment, late night and early morning prayer, pressing reset and having to cut losses, deal with displacement, and a whole host of crap that im sure you all know all too well. I am filled with gratitude for your organization and particularly for your connection to me Priscilla and Annie from back at CHSF and for last year’s opportunity to present and speak to the homeless youth/work on that project with Robin.

It has caused me to get back to the center of my vision/call and I have to honor you all for your hand in that. I apologize for not showing it more in the past. The next leg of my journey is leading me out of the state. Im not sure yet where I will be but Im applying to Americorp in Oakland (if i am accepted, to start either in Jan or Feb of 2013) and listening and remaining open to possibilities ahead. As I say “goodbye for now” to NC and maybe to the south, It just heavily hit my heart that IDC had a major hand in growing me as a person, inspiring me as a woman, and loving me through my not so pleasant, broken, and sometimes self righteous ways.

Please know that I appreciate your graciousness toward me and your kindness toward, even when my behavior at times did not make that easy. I love you and I thank God for you and speak peace, love, light, and prosperity over your lives, the lives you touch, and the direction and vision of this organization and all organizations associated with it. Bless you!

My sincerest and deepest gratitude