Support Infinity Diamond Club as we continue Making a “Difference” in young people’s lives. It is imperative that we work together to make sure all children have the chance and opportunity to be successful. Our Back to School Blast is every August. We work with local communities and help supply kids with school supplies to begin their school year off on the right foot.

We invite teachers, principals, parents and adults who have graduated from college to come in and speak with the young people. This helps to encourage them, give them tips as to how to be successful in the classroom, and also to show them that with determination and goals they can go to college.

This event was filled with good food,  games, discussions and an educational movie for the kids and families. We thank all our volunteers, those who donated, and the families for coming out to our Back to School Blast.


Stay tuned for details for our 2017 Back to School Blast!!

In August 2016, we partnered with KappaXi Omega Sorority and adopted the teachers from Brogden Middle School to support the teachers with supplies for their classroom and for their students who arrive to school without supplies. It was a wonderful day and lots of fun GIVING back to community.

Infinity Diamond Club’s STEM Youth Program Summer 2017!!

This year our Youth & Young Adult Program Manager Darlene S introduced STEM to the youth at Cornwallis Public Housing Community. IDC partnered with Triangle Ecycling who donated refurbished computers to our STEM program for youth. We conducted an 8 week course and had 2 students to complete the course with certificate and was able to take home a desktop computer. We plan to begin a fall STEM program and there are youth already signed up to participate.





[price_table title =”PEER PRESSURE” price=”Listen To Youth” button_text=”Make a Difference” button_url =”#” button_color=”#94b207″]

  • Family is Important to Teens
  • Stay Involved in Child’s Life
  • Develop Positive Self Image
  • Know Their Friends
  • Changes in Behavior
  • Seek Help for Depression

[price_table title =”EDUCATION” price=”6 Keys to Success” button_text=”Leadersship” button_url =”#” button_color=”#c62b02″]

  • Organization
  • Time Management
  • Prioritization
  • Concentration
  • Motivation
  • Family Support

[price_table title =”SUPPLIES” price=”Equipped for Success” button_text=”Ready for Success” button_url =”#” button_color=”#08a8d6″]

  • Book Bags
  • Notebooks, Journals, Pens
  • Orgainzer
  • Pencils, Pens, Paper, Glue
  • Calculators, Rulers, Folders
  • Hand Sanitizer



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