The Called Center

Where Passion Meets Purpose

Welcome to the Called Center!! Infinity Diamond Club would like to offer one on one purpose coaching sessions to individuals who are seeking to answer the question… “Why am I here and what is my purpose?” The sessions will be one on one appointments with Priscilla Ross who is passionate about helping individuals get to the core and root of their Calling!! Yes, everyone has a calling and she believes it is imperative that you come into the enlightenment of your specific call.


Priscilla has been on this journey for many years. She is actively LIVING into her purpose and she wants to help/assist others on their journey to greater awareness. As stated, this is a service of Infinity Diamond Club to individuals in the community who are open, READY and passionate about delving deeper into their call.

Sessions are by appointment only and will be 60 to 90 minute sessions. When you make your appointment, Priscilla will contact you about a day and time to setup your initial meeting. These sessions are in person, via phone or Facetime. You do not need to live in North Carolina to participate. Please email (Subject) The Called Center. Please include your name and  phone number with best time to call.

Donations are accepted.

First coaching session with Mrs Payne!!! It was a successful and inspiring day!! Who’s got NEXT?