Gateway to Success


Infinity Diamond Club is excited to offer the program Gateway to Success!! These programs are for the community to come and be apart of the terminal(s) that interest them. Please share the Gateway to Success with friends and family that you believe will benefit from the various classes being offered at the IDC Center. These classes will begin in March 2018 with various speakers. We hope you will join us at one of the Terminals that lead to success on your personal journey.

Terminal A: The Dichotomy of Friendship

True Friends how many of us have them? We will individually and collectively create a working definition of a friend. Friendships are an important aspect of our lives and often people experience thriving healthy friendships and at other times very detrimental friendships. This conversation will discuss Circles, Best friends, Confidants, Associates, the Reason, Season and Lifetime theories and more. We will work together to discuss what each of us can offer to a friendship relationship and what expectations we have when forming friendships. How do we create healthy friendships within community? What to do when you think you are besties and they only consider you an associate? What do we do with misplaced beliefs about what constitutes someone having the title of friend? Is friendship given or earned? When do you walk away from a friendship that no longer meets your needs? We may find that we are requiring of others what we ourselves don’t have the capacity to give.¬† This will be a lively and interactive discussion. Friendships are important and we hope that during this class we each can LEARN how to be a better friend to ourselves and to others.

Terminal B: The Ministry of Money

Description: Coming Soon


Terminal C: Eating to LIVE: Exploring Healthier Choices

This workshop series will focus on health, nutrition and fitness. We will discuss how food choices affect our mind, bodies, hormones and overall health. These are just a few of the topics in this series…

  • Plant Based Lifestyle
  • Meal Preparation
  • Cooking to LIVE
  • Heart Health
  • Depression, Stress, and Anxiety
  • Life/Work Balance
  • Diabetes and Kidney Health
  • Mental Health
  • The Silent Killer: High Blood Pressure
  • Walk Away the Pounds
  • Hormones and Menopause
  • To Medicate or Not…Natural Remedies
  • DisEASE with your current health and how we as individuals and a community can take our HEALTH back!!
  • ¬†Meditation and Mindfulnes

NOTE: More…Terminals To Be Announced. The majority of classes are FREE and/or Sliding Scale.

Donations are always Accepted.