Conscious Vibrational Musical Jam Session

Join us for our monthly vibrational music jam session on the 1st Saturday of each month at 6:30 pm beginning in March. This is a session devoted to raising the vibrational level of consciousness and energy in the universe. We will come together to sing, play instruments, dance and just let the power of collective energy move us to a higher dimension of LOVE, PEACE and HARMONY. What the world needs now is LOVE, sweet Love!!

Calling singers and wanna be singers, musicians and wanna be musicians. All people who love music and making a joyful noise. Music will range from humming, jazz, blues, folk, gospel, and more…we are open to creating new sounds and music together. Regardless of whether you sing or play come be in the room with this energy. Use this time to CREATE, get inspired, write a poem, song or just VIBE with us. Please bring any and all instruments (keyboard, guitar, drum, pots/pans, sticks, flutes, saxophone etc… to join the jam/listening session.