We Are 1 Conference Volunteer Committee Members 2017: 2 spaces are available to join the 2018 committee

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Brandy Womack                                     Jackie Mason                                Dolores Gilmore-Dunbar                     Josiah Mitchell                         DeAngelo McCoy

Volunteers                                           Activities/Hospitality                                 Special Events                          Special Interests                            Graphic Design


arm photo couple     Robin c        10565206_10202711122086900_2641432362926725468_n   not_pictured

Priscilla Ross                                      Robin Criffield                                             Annie Ross                                Dee Dockery

Presenters/Logistics                        Community Outreach                                     Audio Visual                           Health/Recruitment


Relationship Retreat Volunteer Committee 2017: 2 spaces available to join the committee

13147873_638999299585153_3012404470682150822_o    april renee

Annie & Priscilla Ross                April Tate & Renee Knight-Tate


Friends & Family Reunion Weekend  Committee 2018: TBA



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Infinity Diamond Club is eternally gratefully to all of our dedicated and talented committee members. Thank you for all that you do to empower and build community.  Together we soar.