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Featured Author ~ Chandra Broadnax-Payne

You Go Girl: 25 Ways to Step into Your Greatness


Within the heart of every woman lies a champion just waiting to be unleashed. In You Go Girl: 25 Ways to Step into Your Greatness, author and motivational speaker Chandra Broadnax-Payne will take you on an empowering, step-by-step journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and self-love. Through down-to-earth language, relatable and funny personal anecdotes, and reflection questions at the end of each chapter that encourage you to explore your inner self, Chandra provides practical tools to help you gather the courage you need to become the women you always knew you could be. From conquering negative self-talk to discovering your own unique super power, the lessons in You Go Girl will help readers from all walks of life discover the freeing, incredible power of embracing your unique inner greatness.

Author: Chandra Broadnax-Payne

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December 2018 ~ Celebrating YOU

Janis B~ 1st

Yvonne H ~ 2nd

Rochelle A ~ 3rd

Cindy J, Dolores P, Lin W.~ 7th

Chaz ~ 17th

Vicky M, Mary D~ 19th

Geraleese G~ 23rd

Jessika C, Cynthia K, India D, Van P, ~ 24th

Kay O ~ 29th

Wishing you all an amazing birthdays!! May this year bring you more happiness, joy and peace. Enjoy your special day and celebrate your GREATNESS!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU FROM INFINITY DIAMOND CLUB!!!

new cake

If you would like your birthday listed please send us a comment with first name, last initial and your special day!!

Noteworthy News

U.S. to Withdraw About 7,000 Troops From Afghanistan


WASHINGTON — The Trump administration has ordered the military to start withdrawing roughly 7,000 troops from Afghanistan in the coming months, two defense officials said Thursday, an abrupt shift in the 17-year-old war there and a decision that stunned Afghan officials, who said they had not been briefed on the plans.

President Trump made the decision to pull the troops — about half the number the United States has in Afghanistan now — at the same time he decided to pull American forces out of Syria, one official said.

The announcement came hours after Jim Mattis, the secretary of defense, said that he would resign from his position at the end of February after disagreeing with the president over his approach to policy in the Middle East.

The whirlwind of troop withdrawals and the resignation of Mr. Mattis leave a murky picture for what is next in the United States’ longest war, and they come as Afghanistan has been troubled by spasms of violence afflicting the capital, Kabul, and other important areas. The United States has also been conducting talks with representatives of the Taliban, in what officials have described as discussions that could lead to formal talks to end the conflict.

 Source: The New York Times – By Thomas Gibbons-Neff and Mujib Mashal