Speak the Word

ws77        SPEAK THE WORD

Often in life, we find ourselves on a road that feels like it is leading nowhere. Dreams and hopes are delayed, never seeming to come to past; yet we must believe that the path we are taking is bringing us closer to our destination if we just “stay the course. “It is of great importance to know that we are the workmanship of the divine. He is all around us no matter where we are, or no matter where we go, the divine is always just a whisper away. So even though at times it may seem like you are lost and it feels like you are off course, know that God in his infinite   wisdom-sign[1]  and understanding is able to turn any situation around and work it our for your good.

The steps of a good man/woman are ordered by the Lord and even though we sometimes feel as though we are lost, God who never sleeps or slumbers is well able to lead and guide us in the way that we should go. There will be times when you can’t even understand the landscape of life and it feels like you are in unfamiliar territory, be of good courage, fear not nor faint because the God of the universe knows the way out of that wilderness place. He is more than willing and able to take you through the wilderness of life and get you to your appointed promise land.

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